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HSE Management System
PETRA ENERGY is committed to health, safety and environmental (HSE) objectives in the execution and implementation of its operations and will do its utmost to provide a safe and healthy working environment at all times, to provide proper safety equipment required for the job, to safeguard the natural environment by taking into account of any statutory requirement.

As a service provider for the oil & gas industry, PETRA ENERGY conforms to stringent regulatory requirements on HSE. PETRA ENERGY's HSE Management System (HSE-MS), which is benchmarked against international standards, emphasizes on the welfare of its personnel at all onshore and offshore facilities. PETRA ENERGY's HSE-MS had been assessed by our major client and currently maintained Level 3.0 on the assessment verification since 2008.

PETRA ENERGY's senior management team have been active in leading and promoting HSE values and culture via site visits, planned inspections, employee engagements, counseling sessions and various HSE meetings. Key project management personnel including from marine operations, construction services, and line supervisory staff have conducted various time out sessions, campaigns and on-the-job trainings.

PETRA ENERGY's crew at the same time exercised their roles in identifying, intervening and rectifying work sites hazards, provide feedback on work site safety during toolbox/pre-job discussions, and take active participation in all HSE related activities organized by PETRA ENERGY. All project personnel will be subjected to a Safety Induction program for onshore and offshore work sites prior to starting work.

PETRA ENERGY has established management HSE performances standards which are spelled out in the HSE-MS Manual and the HSE Plan, while the site performance standards are mainly detailed out in the Operations HSE Manual and work procedures. The specific responsibilities for implementing the HSE policy and the HSE Plan are captured in PETRA ENERGY's HSE-MS Manual.

PETRA ENERGY utilises the Hazards and Effects Management process to systematically manage the work hazards and its effects. This process will be mainly used for the preparation of HSE cases, hazard register and analyses and incident causation, if required.

PETRA ENERGY's senior management carries out review of the HSE activities and its performance, to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness. The review will be carried out quarterly and during monthly project HSE meetings to evaluate the performance of the company and projects. The key performance indices include incident statistics, surveillance trending, program feedback, and incentives performance. All statistics are compiled and shared with all operating units for the purpose of performance trending.
HSE Management System Structure
HSE Strategies and Planned Activities