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Environment Management
It is the policy of PETRA ENERGY to preserves the quality of the environment at locations we are operating by maintaining acceptable level of environment pollutants and by managing waste generated from its operations. This is to eliminate exposure of hazardous waste to the environment, prevent employees from being exposed unnecessary to hazardous materials utilized or encountered in the operations, and to proper handle and dispose the waste as per regulatory and local requirements.

Proper risk assessment exercises have been carried out to identify all the environmental pollutants out of PETRA ENERGY's operations, with controls adequately placed either administratively via procedures, using only environmental friendly materials or by hardware installed to minimize pollutants escaping to the environment.

Waste management procedure and guidelines has been established to identify, classify, segregate and disposal of waste according to its nature and as per any relevant regulatory and local authority requirements. Waste minimisation process will normally be based on current industry practices.

These procedures require all personnel involved with the handling and disposing work site waste have gone through the necessary training with respect to the waste being handled. These personnel are to be provided with the relevant personal protective equipment and tools required to handle the said waste(s).

The person in-charge at the site where waste are being generated will ensure waste are managed properly including the arrangements of waste handling and segregation, disposal containers, transportation from the work site, and appropriate documentation.

The registered contractor engaged by PETRA ENERGY to collect the waste will ensure all the wastes are properly stored in proper containers with labels identifying the content, transported safely to the nearest Department of Environment approved hazardous wastes disposal site.