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Equipment Packaging & Manufacturing

Petra Energy packages, supplies and commissions equipment used extensively in the oil and gas, petrochemical, refining and other related industries. All our equipment packages meet international standards and regulations.

We specialise in rotating and mechanical equipment packages and provide services that include design, engineering, testing, installation, hook-up and commissioning for a host of engineered equipment, and supported by globally recognised equipment manufacturers.

In addition, our team of specialists provide technical support for site installation, commissioning, training on equipment use, on-going/scheduled maintenance and breakdown repair services.

Types of Engineered Equipment

Centrifugal and Vertical Pump Packages
Air Compressor Skids
Reciprocating Pump Packages
Rotary Screw Air Compressors
Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Packages
Vertical Firewater Pumps
Gas & Diesel Power Generators
Vertical Service Water Pumps
Water Makers
Chemical Injection Pumps
Control Systems (Electrical & Pneumatic)
Other services for packaged equipment.

For skid packaging, we provide design, assembly and testing of mechanical, structural, instrumentation and electrical items that incorporate proprietary engineered equipment, piping, structural frame, supports, pressure vessels, tanks and I&E installation. The scope also covers painting, logistics, project documentation and management.

Our packaging and manufacturing facility occupies a covered area of approximately 5,700 sq. meters.

Supported by our highly competent in-house design engineering and fabrication capabilities, we have successfully packaged engineered products and equipment in collaboration with world renowned principals (see below) in efforts to further enhance our services to clients.

Aqua Chem
- Vapor Compression Water Maker
- Reverse Osmosis Water Maker
- Distillation Plate Type Water Maker
- DI System Deionized Water Generation
Dawson Downie Lamont
- Direct Acting Steam Driven Pumps
- Power Driven Piston Pumps
- Horizontal Triplex Power Pumps
- Vertical Duplex Bilge & Stripping Marine Pumps
- Reciprocating Pumps
- Other related parts
FG Wilson
- Diesel Generator Sets (EUIIIA Emission Compliants)
- Gas Generator Sets
Amarillo Gear Company LLC
- Right Angle Gear Drives For Cooling Towers
- A Series Right Angle Gear Drives For Cooling Towers
- Amarillo Composite Drive Shafts
- Parallel Shaft Gear Drives
Integrated Flow Solutions LLC
- Air Quality / NOx Reduction Industry products
- Power Industry Products
- Upstream & Downstream O &G Products and Parts
Tokyo Boeki Machinery
- Marine Loading Arms
- Nigata Drainage Systems
- LNG related Materials
- Truck Loading Arms
- Butterfly Valves & Swivel Joints
- Flowmeters
- Adsorption Chiller - Port Equipment etc
Quincy Compressor
Compressor Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Screw, Recip/Piston, Air System Piping and Treatment etc
Niigata Chiksan
Marine Loading Arms
High Pressure Pump
Electrical Parts
Corrosion Control International
Onshore & Offshore Corrosion Protection
Argus Green LLC
Flare Gas Flow Meter
High Pressure Water Pump
Anton Bailin Oilfield Technology
Water and Sand Control Technology
Diesel Portable Air Compressor